Chips Enterprise Solutions, which is the major local distributor of Sage and Sage Pastel accounting and business management software, has long been recognised as a leader in information and communication technology in Zimbabwe.

The company has been providing accounting and business management solutions for nearly 29 years, having been established in 1989.

It not only distributes Sage Pastel software, it installs it, where installation is required, and provides training in its use, as well as support services. It is one of the largest distributors of Sage Pastel accounting software in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Its leadership in its sphere was recognised at the recent Megafest Leadership Awards, when it was presented with the ICT and Technology Leader of the Year 2018 Award. It is the first company ever to receive this award, which was introduced for the first time this year.

Chips Enterprise Solutions has partnered with more than 3 500 companies in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. It works through partners in Malawi and Zambia.

Its staff are well qualified and experienced. Its support team offers remote support through TeamViewer, on-site support and telephone or e-mail support. Members of the support team have all passed Sage Pastel international training and certification exams.

Chips Enterprise Solutions runs an authorised training centre that is fully equipped and staffed by experienced certified training consultants.

All its solutions are user friendly, scalable and tailored to suit businesses of any size or type. Its range of accounting software packages sustains and supports the continued growth of businesses from start-up to medium-size enterprises through to large operations.

Chips Enterprise Solutions head of sales Simbarashe Masora, who received the Megafest award on behalf of Chips, said the company’s main function was to support businesses as they grow by providing them with ICT solutions that make their businesses efficient.

“With the new dispensation and the new opportunities likely to open up to businesses, it is our role to provide ICT solutions that will make businesses more efficient and enable them to report much faster,” he said.

The company holds regular seminars to update its clients and potential clients on the latest developments in Sage software and introduce to them updated versions and new modules of the software they may be using. Frequently these seminars are addressed by technical experts from Sage Pastel in South Africa.

Chips Enterprise Solutions endeavours to ensure that software is adapted to be compatible with local accounting needs and regulations and the particular needs of its clients. It writes custom reports and custom add-ons to meet needs that are not provided for in the standard Sage software.

It also provides information to its clients on how their software can be used to meet new local regulations.

Earlier this year, with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act having come into effect in January, the company held a workshop at which it demonstrated to Sage Evolution software users how the Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement module could help them comply with the new Act.

Sage Evolution is a top of the range accounting software system used by many medium-sized and even large companies and organisations in Zimbabwe. There are premium and standard versions of Sage Evolution.

Popular software packages provided by Chips for smaller businesses include Sage Pastel Express, Sale Pastel Partner and Sage Pastel Payroll and Human Resources.

For large companies there is Sage X3, an enterprise resource planning business management system.
The company also offers a simple online accounting system, Sage One Accounting, for small businesses that need only a basic accounting package.

Chips Enterprise Solutions prides itself on building long-term relationships and being a business partner its clients can trust. It takes a consultative listening approach to fully understand the needs of a customer before recommending a technology that meets its immediate business requirements and supports its growth aspirations.

It has won awards from Sage almost every year for several years running. Its chief executive, Rob Watson, has for the past two years been a member of the prestigious Sage CEO Circle.

It is hardly surprising that Chips Enterprise Solutions should have been declared by Megafest the inaugural winner of its ICT and Technology Leader of the Year Award.