Multi- Currency Processing

Zimra issued a notice further to the midterm monetary policy regarding sales transactions using multi-currency. The statement directed that businesses must ensure that:

•          Where a sale is made in Zimbabwe dollars, the invoices/till slips/receipts recording the sale must be issued in Zimbabwe dollars.

•          Where a sale is made in foreign currency, the invoices/till slips/receipts recording the sale must be issued in foreign currency.

•          Where a sale is made in parts of Zimbabwe dollars and foreign currency the invoices/till slips/receipts must reflect such currency details.

Sage 200 Evolution invoicing module, combined with the multi-currency module allows for you to produce multi-currency documents such as Tax Invoices

Sage 200 Evolution Voucher Manager module allows you to process multicurrency receipts and produce a multi-currency receipt.

In the event you are using the Retail Point of Sale Module the following should be noted:

1.         The functionality found in the Multi Currency Module does not extend to the Retail Point Of Sale Module

2.         Sage 200 Evolution V10.1 has been enhanced to allow you to tender in multi-currency, this will enable you to produce a Tax Invoice and Till Receipt with a breakdown of the types of currencies tendered with the transaction.

3.         As an alternate to Retail Point of Sale, several of our clients have adopted Smart IBS. Smart IBS has been tailor made for Sage 200 Evolution using the Software Developers Kit to provide seamless integration by a 3rd Party and will support multicurrency invoicing and receipting. In addition Smart IBS offers integration to Zimswitch and Ecocash.

Zimra also require Invoice transactions to be fiscalised. You will need to contact your fiscal device supplier to understand your options in this regard if you have not done so already. Should you need our assistance please do not hesitate to email or call our help desk on 08677003888. We understand some clients have addressed this requirement in one of the following ways:

1.         Have added a dedicated Fiscal Device for US$ transactions, so ZWL invoice documents will be directed to the existing ZWL device and US$ invoice documents to the additional US$ device.

2.         Have acquired the RevMax Fiscal Device that supports Multi-Currency transactions.

VAT 7 Return Form

 Please note we have developed custom BIC (Now called Sage Intelligence  reports that assist with preparing the VAT 7 tax return, this also includes:

•          Blueprint using the VAT 7 Form

•          Input Tax schedule aligned to Zimra requirements

•          Breakdown of sales by the currency tendered

Should you wish to have this report installed please contact our help desk /08677003888. 

Multi – Currency Management Accounts

As previously showcased, we have a 3rd party add on that will replicate the General Ledger transactions into an alternate currency like US$ for management reporting purposes and budget comparison.

Free Zoom Webinar on Sage 200 Evolution Multi Currency processing

Date – 22 September 2020

Time – 0900 till 1030

RSVP – – Please ensure you RSVP so that we can send out the Zoom credentials for you to participate in the seminar.


1.         Multi-Currency processing

2.         Multi-Currency Revaluations

3.         Retail POS Multi Currency Tendering

4.         Smart IBS Multi Currency POS

5.         Elev8 GL Consolidator Multi Currency Reporting

6.         Sage Intelligence – An example of a custom report written for multi-currency reporting.

Multi-Currency Training Course

For those of you whom require more than one hour webinar we shall be offering training courses at our Training Centre at 3 Lezard Avenue, Milton Park. Please email if you are interested.

Sage 200 Evolution V10.1

The latest release is V10.1, some of the key highlights are:

1.         Multi-Currency tendering in Retail Point of Sale

2.         Emailing from Sage 200 enhancements

3.         Enhanced feature to export General Ledger transactions to Excel, especially large databases

4.         Enhancement on Job Costing

5.         Tax module now reports on out of period transactions

6.         Enhancements on managing failed syncs on Branch Accounting

7.         Maintenance – Fixes to previously reported issues

We have been advised by Sage that the next maintenance release for Sage 200 Evolution V10 is planned for the 15 October 2020

Key differences between Sage 200 V7.20 and Sage 200 V10.1

For clients still on Sage Evolution 7.20 please find a summary of some of the key enhancements introduced between 7.20 and 10.1:

•          Sage 200 Evolution V10 supports Microsoft Azure – This means you may host your Sage 200 Evolution on Microsoft Azure which is available in Zimbabwe through Liquid Telecom. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

•          User Interface Refresh and Navigation Enhancements – A new icon set has been designed to modernize and refresh the interface. Added features to the working area include Process Flows and Related Tasks.

•          Scheduled Backups – Within System Tools, an option is available to either Backup or Restore the current database. You will also use Job Manager to schedule backups.

•          User Defined Field Enhancements – when document user defined values are changed, the changes can be tracked.

•          Data Entry Enhancements – To make the maintenance of Masterfile data easier, new Quick Entry options have been added to Supplier Groups, Customer Groups, Inventory Groups and Inventory Items. For example copy and paste from Excel into the price lists.

•          Inventory Enhancements – The tables that store the inventory items have been modernised and enhanced to improve speed on big datasets. The time it takes to add inventory items that belong to multiple warehouses have been drastically enhanced. Processing speeds have also improved due to the structural changes.

•          Multiple Bin Locations Per Warehouse – Per item, per warehouse, set a default selling and purchasing bin. Set Min and Max Levels per bin.

•          Item Categories – Item Categories have been introduced. These are linked to inventory items. Inventory reports can be filtered according to Item Category.

•          Inventory Item Attributes – Define attributes for inventory items for more accurate reporting and maintenance of inventory items.

•          Customer and Supplier Document Enhancements – Find customer and supplier documents easily. Navigate to Inventory | Transactions | Inventory Document Maintenance. Search either for customer or supplier processed and unprocessed documents. Once the document is located, load the source document.

•          Report Builder Enhancements – With Sage 200 Evolution, a new version of Report Builder is shipped. This allows for better formatting when printing to Excel. Column header and column formatting is maintained. Extra options at time of printing to file allows for more capabilities

•          Interest Charging Enhancements – New option added to increment the reference number when posting the interest transaction. The transactions for interest are now flagged in the customer transaction file to indicate an interest charge.  You will be informed if an interest transaction is posted more than once for the same customer in the same period.

•          Branch Accounting Enhancements

o   Various enhancements have been made to the Sync Monitor for an offline Branch Accounting environment. These include:

o   The XML file that carries branch and sync information, is now cleared after each successful import. This will keep the size of the file to a minimum.

o   A service application is available that can be configured to start up the Sync Monitor at the correct interval, process the files in the queue and close the Sync Monitor when done.

o   With each synchronisation process, the records between branches and the head office are compared. If any discrepancies are found, records will be synchronised again. This feature is optional. It should be noted that the databases must all be in sync to introduce this feature. We shall only activate this on clients who have upgraded to 10.1

Cloud options for Sage 200 Evolution

o   Microsoft Azure – This means you may host your Sage 200 Evolution on Microsoft Azure which is available in Zimbabwe through Liquid Telecom. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

o   Virtual Private Server Hosting – There are a couple of data centers offering Virtual Private Server hosting services. Users would connect to the server using a VPN and Remote Desktop. There are a number of clients who have adopted this model.

o   Remote Access to on premise server – With this option the server would be managed by yourself and you would configure the system to allow for Remote Access by users who require it using Remote Desktop or Remote Aps. It is important that you ensure the users are connecting via VPN or alternate secure connection. It should be noted that without VPN or an alternate secure connection you are vulnerable Cyber Security risks.

o   When engaging service providers regarding these options please ensure you have clarity on who is responsible for the following.

•          Windows operating system and database licensing

•          Cyber security protection

•          Anti-Virus Protection

•          Data backup

•          Disaster recovery

Overview of Sage 200 Evolution business management solution.

•          For some clients who may not be aware of the range of modules available in Sage 200 Evolution please find a high-level list of modules

•          The below features and modules are referred to as the core Sage 200 Evolution

§  General Ledger , Accounts Receivable,  Accounts Payable,  Inventory Control,  Cash Book, Project Tracking,  Dimension Items, Invoicing,  Sales & Purchase Order Entry,  Alert Management,  Advanced Security,  Microsoft® Office Integration,  Graphs, Central Search and KPI Dashboards, System Audit Manager, Tax Module,  Visual Reports,  Report Writer & Stationery Customisation,  Sage 200 Evolution CRM Standard.

Add-On Modules

o   Annuity Billing , Lot Tracking, Bank Statement Manager ,Manufacturing Bill of Materials,  Branch Accounting,  Multi-Currency,  Multi-Warehousing,  Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting,  Municipal Billing,  Debtors Manager, Customer Account Consolidations,  Point of Sale,  Customer Credit Risk Management, Delivery Management Procurement, Advanced Procurement, Fixed Assets, Sage 200 Evolution CRM Premium,  Job Costing,  Serial Number Tracking, Voucher Management,  Service Manager and Municipal Billing.

Third Party Modules that interface to Sage 200 Evolution

•          Smart IBS Point Of Sale – Multicurrency and also integrates to Ecocash and Zimswitch

•          Xperdyte Advanced Manufacturing

•          Job-Sys Job Costing

•          Elev8 GL Consolidator

•          CQuential Warehouse Management

•          Cradle Technology Warehouse Management

•          Power BI Reporting

•          Meat Matrix Abattoir Software

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty of our products and should you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to call our sales (  or support desk ( ) or telephone 08677003888 or 0242 773809, further contact information available on our website.

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