With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, partners and colleagues for your continued support of Sage Business Management Software solutions and our services in 2018.

We wish you and your families good health, great joy and an even better business year in 2019.

Our offices will remain open during normal business hours throughout the holiday period with the exception of the official public holidays being the 25th & 26th December 2018 and 1st January 2019.  

Year End Procedures

For those customers whose year end is December we have uploaded guides to the Chips website www.chips.co.zw – Customer Zone – Year End Procedures  to guide you through the year end process. 

13th Period 

Sage Pastel Partner allows you to create a 13th period so that you may rollover into the new year with out finalising the year end for the previous year. The 13th period will be like your period one for the new year, so if your year end is Dec 2018, you may create a 13th period for January 2019 so that you do not have to hold up processing for the new year whilst you finalise December 2018.

To make use of the 13th period you have setup 13 periods with the 13th period being the first period of the new year. You should select the option – use last period as first period of next year. This can be found under Setup>Periods. 

When you run the year-end procedure, the last period transactions and balances become the transactions and balances in the first period of the next year.

Stock Take – Please also remember that the stock take creates a snapshot of the stock on hand at a set date and time. This allows you to carry on and process transactions for the new period whilst you investigate any variances. 

Sage Pastel Partner has been rebranded to Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

Sage Pastel products have been re-branded  in line with Sage’s cloud connected strategy

Old Naming:                                      New Naming:

Sage Pastel                                       Sage 50cloud Pastel
Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up            Sage 50 Xpress Start-Up
Sage Pastel Partner Advantage        Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner
Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage         Sage 50cloud Pastel Xpress

V19.1.1  Now released and available 

V19.1.1  has been released. We are awaiting the upgrade serial numbers for paid up cover clients . For those eager to upgrade please email helpline@pastel.co.zw so that we can prioritise your new serial number with Sage South Africa. As soon as available we shall make them available to you.

Version 19 combines the security of desktop software with the brand—new cloud and mobile functionality through integration with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium.

New features in Sage Pastel Partner Version V19 include:

New Search Screens Customers + Suppliers

An automatic “wildcard” search across any number of customisable fields with group filtering and sorting options. 

Delete Inventory Assistant

Quickly identify & delete inventory items that are no longer in use.  The system will create a replacement item which will be used for history purposes when you want to re-print an older invoice

New Assistants – A step by step indicator to show you exactly where you are when running one of the many assistants in the accounting package

Sage Contact – Sage 50cloud syncs customer & supplier contact details, last 5 Invoices & payments with Outlook; so no matter where you are (desktop, cloud or mobile) you have all the information you need to quickly & efficiently connect with your customers.

Sage Capture – (Coming in release 2 of V19 , not currently available) Go paperless and never lose a receipt again by photographing your expenses with Sage Capture, saving them to One Drive and posting transactions to your Sage 50cloud… all from your mobile or tablet.

Cloud Storage & Backup – Sage 50cloud automatically backups up to the cloud and notifies you of any problems. One simple setup and it just works.

Office 365 Business Premium

For integration to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is required.  Business Premium can be purchased from Chips, giving you the benefit of smart integration features plus the latest desktop, cloud & mobile editions of the Office apps.


For those clients who are not on cover or the latest version we are running a special promotion for clients on older versions until the 30th December 2018. Please call your dealer or our sales for a quote to upgrade.

Should you be unable to access any of these documents please email helpline@pastel.co.zw and we shall send them to you by email.

Thank you again for your support in 2018 and we wish you and you your families a happy Xmas and the very best for 2019. Please do not hesitate to request assistance from our support department on email  helpline@pastel.co.zw or 0242 773809, 086 77003888